Charles Andrew Whatley

Charles Andrew Whatley
Online Media Strategist

The goal of this website is to provide visitors insight on my professional background, career history, current thoughts via blog and access to my resume.

I feel very fortunate to have enjoyed a successful career in both traditional, digital media and technology. It's easy to be passionate about something that you consider more fun than work.

Continuing to learn and study consumer media habits is as much a personal pursuit as it is my professional vocation and avocation. I have just recently discovered a book named Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne. This powerful book chronicles how companies compete head-on resulting in nothing more than bloody red ocean of rivals fighting over a shrinking profit pool. The authors argue that tomorrow’s leading companies will succeed not by battling competitors, but by creating “blue oceans” of uncontested market space ripe for growth. Such strategic moves—termed “value innovation”—create powerful leaps in value for both the firm and its buyers, rendering rivals obsolete and unleashing new demand. If you compete in the overcrowded media or technology space, you must read this book.

It is my career history in  a variety of media and technology environments and combination of skill sets that has provided me with a unique perspective and the ability to deliver value for my employer or clients.

Please reach out if you would like to initiate conversation on any media topic or opportunity.

Charles Andrew Whatley | "Andy"