About Me

I am an Online Media Strategist

Having spent his entire life in various forms of media and technology, Whatley has developed a broad-base of knowledge across various media and technology platforms, both in corporate as well as entrepreneurial environments. Whatley began his career in radio and television while attending the University of Texas at El Paso and Austin.


His radio career has spanned the entire spectrum of roles including time as On-Air Personality, Music Director, Program Director, Ad Sales Representative, Director of Sales, General Manager, Market Manager, Regional VP and Co-Founder/President.


With a long term passion for technology, Whatley pursued the study of electronics early in his career to better understand how radio stations functioned from a technical perspective. That love for engineering re-surfaced later as he reinvented himself as a digital media specialist.

In the earliest days of the Internet, Andy immersed himself in online technologies and capabilities including streaming audio/video, website development, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media platforms, ad serving, analytics, IAB ad units, mobile and now–the exploding world of connected devices.


Most importantly, the advent of the Internet helped Whatley recognize early that engaging audiences at a deeper level was paramount to be successful online and offline, however, equally important were the revenue generation strategies that would need to be executed on a parallel path with the overall digital marketing plan.


Whatley enthusiastically believes that it is critical that media publishers and broadcasters understand that following media consumption habits with content is an absolute necessity if a media platform is to remain relevant to their audiences and advertisers.

With the exciting new methods of content distribution possible today for traditional publishers and broadcasters, the opportunities abound to create significant new revenue centers.

Today, Whatley has focused his attention on helping employers and clients remain just ahead of where media consumption is going. Like Gretzky said – “don’t skate to where the puck has been, skate to where the puck is going.”

Favorite Quote: “Seek first to understand, then to be understood” -Stephen Covey